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IUTAM Symposium on Dynamic Instabilities in Solids

MAY 17-20, 2016, MADRID, SPAIN

Organized by University Carlos III of Madrid and Technion Israel Institute of Technology


Mechanical instabilities in solids, including the dynamic ones, are a constantly evolving scientific field, which poses a real challenge in terms of comprehension, control and modeling. Unique failure modes and mechanisms occur in the dynamic regime, which are not experienced in quasi-static configurations. Dynamic instabilities are encountered in a wide variety of situations, being responsible for failure of safety features in structural impact and blast, causing organ trauma in vehicular crashes, falls and sports accidents, leading to earthquakes in geological shear fault rupture. Within the context of dynamic failure, the most feared types of failure are those caused by the formation and development of mechanical instabilities, since they are characterized by an abrupt appearance which makes them uncontrollable and unpredictable to a large extent. The phenomenon is still poorly understood from a physical point of view. New breakthroughs are needed in order to gain a better understanding and be able to model and control this catastrophic failure mode.

This symposium aims at gathering scientists from all horizons (analytical, numerical and experimental) in order to present their recent developments and results in that field. All kinds of mechanical instabilities are of interest for all material/mechanical systems (living or inert, macro or microscopic alike). Participants are encouraged to present their latest results, including work in progress, with emphasis on cross comparisons between theory, modeling and experiments if possible. Accordingly, time will be devoted for general discussions of the central topics that will emerge such as to foster scientific exchange between the participants. The main goal of the symposium is to probe the “state of the art” in this important field of solid/materials mechanics.